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Neuropathy Treatment

Millions of people suffer from neuropathy, which can cause weakness, unsteadiness, pain, numbness, loss of sensitivity or even debilitating balance disorders which could lead to falls. Peripheral neuropathy can destroy your quality of life and make even simple daily activities difficult. Modern medicine uses prescription drugs such as Lyrica and Gabapentin to mask the pain and trick the brain into thinking it doesn’t have a problem that it has. What if there was a better way to deal with the causes of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Neuropathy, which is more commonly described as a problem with the nerves, usually refers to the peripheral nerves and can have many underlying medical conditions. Often times, peripheral neuropathy is a vascular disorder. Sometimes it can be directly related to an injury or chemical.

Neuropathy effects the way the brain gets information from your organs, tissues, and cells. It can effect function, feeling, and focus. Patients report symptoms such as: aching, numbness, tingling, “lightning” strikes, feeling like something crawling on the skin, feeling like a sock is “bunched up” under the toes, feeling cold, sharp, stabbing pain.

Peripheral neuropathy is usually a degenerative disease like cancer, heart disease, and cavities. It gets worse over time and can disrupt your life.

How can we help?

We offer a painless neuropathy severity exam which can help us to determine the percent of sensory loss. There is nothing we can do once you’ve reached 85% sensory loss.

Our treatment is a research based recipe for dealing with the vascular cause of most peripheral neuropathy. By combining several methods and techniques, we have a high success rate with stopping the progression of this disease, and in most cases greatly improving the function and quality of life for our neuropathy patients.

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