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Atlas Medical

Using a multidisciplinary team approach to help you restore and maintain your quality of life.

Atlas Medical Center

Atlas Medical Center, a multidisciplinary clinic which brings together the best
aspects of medicine, physical therapy, and chiropractic all under one roof.


Regenerative Medicine

Disc Bulges and Herniation

Your health is always our primary concern

We approach each patient as an individual and realize that, although many patients experience similar complaints, the origin for these symptoms often varies significantly from person to person.

  • Now accepting Medicare and most other medical insurance
  • Improving your health is always our primary concern
  • Thoroughness is a top priority
We find the source of your pain

At Atlas Medical Center we don’t just treat symptoms, we identify the source of your condition and create a custom treatment plan for each patient.

Comprehensive Team Approach

Our comprehensive team approach blends multiple disciplines together to offer well-rounded individualized care.

Fast Effective Results

Most of our patients report relief in just a few sessions.


Jeff W.
Great people. The medical staff at Atlas hooked my daughter up after she hurt her neck. She is back Pole Vaulting. Thanks…

Cassie P.
I’m happy to say that after my sessions with Atlas Medical Center, I am all fixed up. I only see them now when I get the rare pinch…

Ashley B.
The doctors at Atlas are saviors! I was moments away from moving forward with a fusion surgery when Atlas was recommended…

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